An interesting fact about myself is that I saw snow for the first time at 25 years old. My husband and I planned a trip to Utah for our 2 year wedding anniversary and it was one of our favorite trips! Finally, if you haven’t noticed yet, I am a total foodie! I love trying new foods and cuisines, the way food brings people together, the first smell of food approaching the table, and the first bite as your eyes close to fully enjoy the flavors.

Hi friend! My name is Franccesca or Fran for short!
You might only know me as SouthFloWithFran so let me share a little more about me - the face behind the screen! I’m Peruvian-American and was raised in South Florida. I love all things fun in the sun, palm trees, and the sound of waves. Brunching with friends is something that truly lights me up! You’ll quickly see how devoted I am to my relationship with Jesus. A must have book on my shelf is You Are The Girl For The Job. I highly encourage you to read it if you’re into those types of life-changing books that help you focus on your calling and purpose in God’s story. 

Things You Might Not Know...

meet fran

meet fran

1 cup of iced chai per day

I really love...


nail color of choice

funny bunny

my fav hobby


spend two weeks traveling in italy 

On My Bucket List...

visit a castle!

On My Bucket List...


On My Bucket List...

learn calligraphy!

On My Bucket List...

fly in a helicopter!

On My Bucket List...

own private office / photography studio

On My Bucket List...

go on a safari!

On My Bucket List...

master a third language!

On My Bucket List...

record a video of my testimony!

On My Bucket List...

ride in a hot air balloon!

On My Bucket List...

sleep in a tree house!

On My Bucket List...

purchase my dream camera!

On My Bucket List...

go to machu picchu!

On My Bucket List...

parasailing in the caribbean!

On My Bucket List...

host a foodie event!

On My Bucket List...

take a mud bath

On My Bucket List...

get accepted into amazon influencer program

On My Bucket List...

make pasta from scratch!

On My Bucket List...

create custom lipstick color

On My Bucket List...

At heart, I realized I have a creative and entrepreneurial spirit and the normal office environment wasn’t what I felt called to do. I began desiring having something of my own, and that’s when I started to take my hobby seriously and turned it into a business. This new endeavor takes one of my most meaningful passions (helping others) and allows me to create something special for others that can benefit their business. I knew this was a God-given vision and purpose that would allow me to help and serve others. Being able to share my life, encourage and connect with my community is one of the sweetest parts of what I do. I’ve been able to make deep connections and relationships that both fulfill not only my career goals, but my personal goals as well. 

I launched my southflowithfran blog in September of 2020...

my why


My Journey

Launched SouthFloWithFran blog!

May 2021

My first foodie dine-in collaboration!

April 2021

Created my media kit & began pitching to brands!

Sep. 2020

Invested in my first course & additional education.

Sep. 2020

Sep. 2021

Purchased my dream camera!

March 2022

Quit my full time job!

June 2022

Landed 4 figure brand deal!


white sangria




french toast

vacation spot




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