Ahhh, let’s chat about my passion for photography! You might not know that I’ve had a camera in my hand since middle school and I was also on the year book staff in high school. I’m the girl that loves to take pictures but also enjoys being in front of the lens too. Photography excites me to a whole nother level and being able to share it with others through my lens is one of the sweetest parts of my job. It’s so hard to choose my favorite type of photography but food photography is definitely at the top. I’m a foodie so I’m a bit biased but it allows you to feel like the plate is right in front of you. Photography to me is more than just snapping a photo but the relationship I’m able to have with my client, exceeding their expectations and the WOW responses I get make me feel butterflies to my core. I also love branding photography where I partner together with a personal brand or business to get those beautiful shots to level up! Enjoy my galleries and experience a journey of some of my favorite shoots!

Through My Lens

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